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Jeanne Abraham

On the stage since she was 6, Jeanne Abraham began acting in several academies until she was 15.


She decided to start her professional career in 2017 by following different film courses in Brussels.


She began with small roles in various projects and obtained the leading role in the first short film of Antoine vans, “Je ne suis pas là pour m'amuser ”.

Jeanne plays the main role in the film "The Insurer".

Fleur Gennevillier is a young woman passionate about her job as a fraud agent, but she dreamed of having a little more adventurous contracts.


Christophe Barnier

In 2014, Christophe Barnier hosted a humorous column in the Sunday show "On refait le monde" on RTL-TVI. In parallel, he appears as silhouettes in some feature films.


In 2017, he played the role of a football club president in the "Champion" series. 


In 2018, he met Antoine vans with whom he formed a deep friendship. They will work on several short films together as well as the web series "Stofies".

In "The insurer" Christophe plays the seconde main role.

Christian Declan's intentions are not clear. His daughter's lawyer costs are getting too expensive for him and he needs to act on it.

Erico Salamone

Erico Salamone is an actor who was, among other things, a jouster in the Belgian improvisation league.


He has to his credit a large number of roles in short films as well as series and feature films.

His latest works include "Sentinel" from Julien Leclercq and the Belgian series Unité 42 and Champion.

In 2018, he played Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès in the film of the same name. 

In "The insurer", Erico plays the role of Philippe, Fleur's charismatic boss.

He doesn't trust his young recruit, but he has no choice.


Michel Angély

Michel Angely was born in Paris in 1962.

He is an actor and producer, who played in many film and theatrical projects.

He played in several Belgian series as Champion or Melting pot café.

He started his career in the famous "La vie sexuelle des Belges", directed by Jan Bucquoy.

In "The insurer", Michel plays the role of Henri Schrueben, a petty thief investigated for a potential insurance fraud.

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