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It all started in 2019 when I wanted to write yet another comic short film based on a Belgian "Rambo" parody.

The idea was to write a scene about that moment when we come to pick up the warrior to go on a mission. The one too much, the one he refuses.

I embarked on this story without realizing that I was, in fact, writing a feature film and absolutely not at all based on Sly's character. Nevertheless, one will recognise a clearly referenced scene in "The insurer".

As I decided to self-produce the film, I started a crowdfunding and brought​ together a team of motivated professional people who believed in the project and whom all made an effort on their financial conditions to make it happen.


We started the project in July 2020, right after the first confinement.

We shot the 120-page film in 18 days with a crew of 10.

We decided to add another 4 additional days with a slightly smaller team during the second confinement.

"The insurer" was made possible by the enthusiasts who worked on it.


They all gave their best for the best result.



Antoine vans

Antoine vans was born in Belgium in 1980.

He was 15 years old when he knew he wanted to direct films and made an amateur short film called "La chaise".

Right after his film school studies in Brussels, he started producing and directing corporate films as well as advertisments.


In 2016 he made a first short film, "va te faire foutre", with Jeanne Abraham.


In 2017 he started a web series "Stofies". Twenty-four episodes about a man with life troubles. 


That same year he started working and directing his first real short film "I'm not here to play". Since, he made several short films which he auto-produced.

The Insurer is his first feature film.

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